Steve Finn - CEO & Co-Founder of The Finn Group
on selling your accommodation business.

Finn Accommodation Brokers is a part of The Finn Group, the most extensive network of business brokers in Australia. We specialise in the marketing and sale of hospitality businesses across Australia. The growth that we have experienced over the last 10 years is because of the valued relationships that we have built when working closely with people at all life stages and business life-cycles. Our team highly values the trust our clients place in us when making some of their most important life decisions.



  • Our relationship with The Finn Group in the settlement process is critical because they help manage the expectations of the clients, they help manage the third parties that are involved in the transactions, they are critical to a smooth sailing transition from buyer to seller, seller to buyer. We as the conveyances, wouldn’t be able to get the job done without the influence of The Finn Group.
    - Michael C.
  • One of the main advantages of dealing with Finn, is the business profile pack that they put together. I find that this makes the job of the accountant and the finance broker just so much easier. It’s very professional, it provides us all the information we need. I just find it so much easier and I feel with confidence to ensure the whole process goes through smoothly.
    - Nigel P.


Steve Finn

CEO & Co-Founder

Len Ferguson


The Finn Group was established in 2004 and has now become Australia’s largest network of business brokers. With multiple offices all across Australia, we are well on the way to having our planned 170+ offices nationally. Finn Accommodation Brokers are a strong part of our planned growth providing specialty expertise to the hospitality industry. The Finn Group has over 50,000 registered buyers on our database and receive 1,100+ new buyer enquiries every month.

Steve Finn our CEO and Co-Founder puts the groups expansion plans best, “We plan to be the dominant choice globally for business buyers and sellers. We’ve got a fantastic business now and it’s exciting to watch it get better and stronger every year! Australia is in the early stages of an enormous inter-generational business and wealth transfer. Baby Boomers have started to reach retirement age and are coming to us for one of the most important decisions of their lives.”